Relocation Services

Relocation can be a very stressful experience, especially as there are so many things to do within a limited time period. On top of that, a relocation may involve the stress of starting a new business or job, finding a new home, securing Visas, making banking, legal, medical and schooling arrangements. The list goes on and can seem endless.

Magnum Services Personal and Corporate Concierge services are here to help by taking much of this stress away from you.

Our Real Estate professionals can assist with property search and selection, sale, purchase or lease contracts and orientation in the UAE.

Our Personal Assistants will take care of relocation arrangements; removal, packing and unpacking. They will also take care of Visa applications, medical arrangements and assist with schooling search and selection.

Our business services include new trade/service license applications and we can also take care of your IT arrangements at home, business or the office through our own Group IT Services company.

Let Magnum Services Personal and Corporate Concierge services take the stress out of Relocation.

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