Private Jet Booking

Magnum Services Personal and Corporate Concierge can arrange private jet transportation for you whether for business or private needs.

Private jet rental for business can be an efficient and effective means to attend multiple meetings or site visits, in different cities or countries, and with the benefit of remaining productive while travelling. It enables you to make full use of your time by boarding the aircraft minutes before take-off, reach remote locations or simply arrive closer to your final destination than a scheduled service would permit. With a business jet, you have quicker check-in and faster transit times while enjoying expansive cabin interiors and luxury seating to arrive refreshed at your final destination.

Private jet hire takes the stress out of leisure travel with the generous interior offering a small party or family luxurious comfort and total privacy during a flight. With private jet hire you can access more locations around the world, benefit from quicker check-ins and spend more time enjoying a holiday rather than waste time waiting in line. With private jet hire, flying is a pleasure, it is also a luxurious and comfortable experience.

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